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I’m so happy you have made it to Detroit Deco! This is my place to share my unavoidable stubborn lifestyle of a DIY-ER. You can find me in the garage with an enthusiastic list of projects. Driven by challenges and productivity, you better believe there’s a DIY for that.

Repurposing materials that aren’t ready to be thrown out and crafting them into home accent pieces or seasonal decor accessories, is usually what I’m up to. 

Eager to get my hands on a can of spray paint, I’ll gladly show you how to upcycle an everyday item. Distress furniture or blend chalk paint for therapy. Show you how ideas and creativity will run a wild party! When to pay attention to detail to reupholster cushions and sew some decorative throw pillows. 

To finally top it off with some good ole’ Southern hospitality for an exciting Detroit Deco DIY Adventure. Enjoy!

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 Friendly reminders for your guest to please you hand sanitizer when they enter your house. use hand sanitizer when they enter your house.

Save your empty Helium tank from your next DIY party for this seasonal decoration you can use year after year.

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